Scope of the guarantee

(1) Clearlight Saunas Europe GmbH (hereinafter “manufacturer”) guarantees, in accordance with the following provisions, that therapeutic near-infrared and red light therapy devices from the Helsi™ series (hereinafter “infrared and red light device”) as well as the parts and parts mentioned in section 2 Accessories (hereinafter, together with infrared and red light devices, “products”) that were sold for the first time in Germany by a dealer to a first-time buyer, under normal use for the duration of the guarantee statement supplied with the products (hereinafter “guarantee declaration” or “guarantee “) noted period are free from material and workmanship errors. This includes brand-new products, plus all original Clearlight Saunas Europe GmbH parts and components (if these were offered as “options” and/or “accessories” at the time of purchase).

(2) With this guarantee declaration, the manufacturer grants the customer certain rights, limited in type and content. Please read this document carefully. By exercising any rights derived from this warranty, you as a customer imply that you have understood and accepted its terms and conditions.

(3) Without the written consent of the manufacturer, only the original purchaser can assert claims under this manufacturer's warranty. All warranty service must be performed by the manufacturer or its designated representative using manufacturer's authorized parts. No agent, dealer, distributor, service company or third party is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of this Limited Warranty in any way.

Warranty conditions


Private Warranty

Commercial Warranty

Helsi™ Infrared and Red Light

3 Jahre

3 Jahre

Factory supplied power supply

3 Jahre

2 Jahre

The warranty period begins on the date the products were delivered to the customer.