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We partner with a range of creators, brands and wellness experts that all share a passion for beautiful wellness products.

We invite you to become a Helsi Human to inspire your community and to revolutionise their self-care and wellbeing.

About Helsi™

Founded in Byron Bay, Australia, Helsi is a brand that sees itself as more of a movement: to improve the health and lives of everyone on the planet — and to revolutionise self-care.

Our Co-Founders originally started Clearlight Saunas International over a decade ago, bringing world-class infrared saunas to over 10,000 homes globally.

Helsi products are designed with passion and a greater purpose, where form and function align. We prioritise sustainability and intuitive design, and are committed to both the longevity of you and our planet.

Helsi One

The world's first full-body red light and infrared sauna launching soon.

Helsi™ Red Lights

Bask in Helsi Light - regenerate at a cellular level with the power of Red Light Therapy

Helsi™ Ice Plunge

Designed to evoke an ice-cold mountain river - a new standard for Ice Plunge has been set.

Our Values


Helsi products blend beauty and functionality, delivering the highest calibre of aesthetics and performance.


Innovation is the essence of our identity, driving progress, shaping the future through intuitive technology, and fulfilling our relentless pursuit for excellence.


We support individuals to foster thriving communities, through connection and the pursuit of health, wellbeing and longevity.


We craft and source our products with longevity in mind, utilising conscientious practices and sustainably sourced materials.